Dye Sub Transfer Paper

Production Time:

• Normally Ships within 48 Hours!

Available Products:

• Economy (Good) DST Paper
• Specialty Hard Surface DST Paper
• Specialty High Tack DST Paper - Original Tacky Paper
• Specialty Neon Colors DST Paper - For Fabric
• Specialty Neon Colors DST Paper - Hard Surface
• Standard (Better) DST Paper

Dye Sub Transfer Paper Overview:

Our line of Dye Sublimation paper has been designed to allow for great color and ink coverage on your product. We have several different papers depending on the type of product that you will be pressing ( from fabric to hard surface and neon!)

Product Information:

Our Dye Sublimation Transfers come pre-cut and ready to press for 16x20 presses. If you will be printing items such as shirts we highly recommend that you do 1 sheet per item! This is recommended to minimize crease lines where the paper edge is under the press ( this crease line most likely will NOT come out! ). If the paper extends past the edge of the press, little to no crease lines are seen. It may cost a bit more, but you and your customers will be MUCH happier!

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DYE SUB TRANSFER PAPER - Up to 16x20 Press (All Paper Types) VIEW

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